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This is the personal website of a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, not the official Birth Boot Camp website. All copy, blog entries, events, services, designs, etc. are the creative property of Brittany Fitzgerald, Infinity Family Services © 2020 and are not a reflection of the opinions, philosophies or liability of Birth Boot Camp HQ.


You can have an amazing birth 

& be an amazing parent...

cda birth photographer

Comprehensive childbirth classes and workshops featuring Birth Boot Camp's evidence-based curriculum and professional materials


Transitional childcare services, pregnancy honoring, abdominal binding, postpartum ceremonies, car seat installation & education and personalized child development consultations.


Parent support groups, community events, professional networking, continuing education opportunities, and custom speaking engagements

Infinity Family Services is proud to offer comprehensive childbirth preparation, parenting classes, family-life education and community events to support families and family-providers in Spokane, WA and the surrounding area,  hosted by family life educator and Birth Boot Camp Instructor,  Brittany Fitzgerald.


{ONLINE SHARING} CDA Birth Photographer-

Lover of coffee and kitchen puns. Homeschooling mama of 3.
Veteran and military spouse.
Child Development professional. Birth & lactation advocate. Parenting & postpartum partner.

Family -life educator.

Can't wait to meet you,

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