WonderWood Natural Learning Academy

We are a family of learners.

"Although humans are not usually born in litters, we seem to insist that they be educated in them." -Lillian Katz


Children in mixed-age classrooms benefit from learning from and alongside each other.   


Older children introduce new and sophisticated ways of thinking and scaffold learning scenarios for their younger counterparts. They gain confidence when others come to them for help or advice. 

Younger students gain confidence as they begin to navigate new concepts with the help of their more experienced counterparts. They gain a sense of belonging and safety as they investigate the world around them. 

As a group, friendship, acceptance and cooperation is fostered while educators can tailor their lessons to individual students in strengths-based assessments and authentic documentation.

Friends on a Swing
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Reggio-Emilia inspired, hands-on learning for 4-10 year olds

Co-created classroom and student-led interests and investigations

Educator curated learning environment and provocations

Outdoor free play

Process art and collaborative projects

Reader's Workshop with an emphasis on the love of storytelling and reading for fun

Writer's Workshop with an emphasis on the most natural way children development language skills

Nature study, including journaling, survival skills and relationship with nature

End of the day tea time with gratitude reflections

Authentic, strengths-based portfolio documentation

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