This isn't

just another birth class.

It's everything you need to be ready for birth and baby....

all in one place.

Welcome to your
birth & baby prep course

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In this 12 week hybrid online and in-person Comprehensive Birth and Baby Preparation Course, you’re going to learn not just the tools you need to give birth with confidence, but walk away with answers to all your questions about postpartum, breastfeeding, newborn care, and early parenting as well.

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Informational online modules that explore the concept of becoming a mother- from conception through early parenting- using a whole-person, evidence-based and deeply personal, individualized approach. PLUS, bonus content from industry experts.

Holistic online content modules


In-person partner workshops with content review, hands-on labor practice and other practical tools for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby care, and early parenting.

Practical in-person partner workshops

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Intimate gatherings for birthing people to explore emotional, mental and spiritual preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenting through art, meditation, journaling and story-telling.

Intimate gatherings for birthing people

I promise, you won't find a birth and baby prep course like this anywhere else. 


This course is designed:

  • To provide opportunities for expecting parents to build their community during pregnancy.

  • To be educational, inspirational and empowering.

  • To holistically explore the transformational awakening known as MATRESCENCE- the physical, emotional, spiritual, hormonal, and social changes that occur each time one becomes a mother. 

  • To be a memorable and enjoyable part of the pregnancy experience.


Because you deserve a birth class that has a special place in your pregnancy memories
(that doesn't feel like a bore or a chore).


I created my Comprehensive Birth
& Baby Preparation Course just for you!


                                      I'm Brittany...


After nine years working with families and three kids of my own, I have honed in on some of the most pressing questions new parents have during their childbearing years.


I spend over forty five academic hours preparing students to have empowered birth experiences in all birthing settings.


(That's more time together than you'll spend with your midwife/OB and doula combined!)

Hey there!

"Man, I wish I would have known that" PLUS
"I SO would have done that differently if I had a redo" PLUS
"I sure could have used an expert in my back pocket back then"


Begin class earlier and spend more time with your classmates than your average birth class.


I was so lonely in the beginning of my pregnancies...I had questions, but I didn't feel welcome in prenatal groups until much later into my pregnancy. That's why I am changing the way we do childbirth education. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


I believe the sooner you start building your community during pregnancy, the sooner you can start taking steps to keep your pregnancy healthy, prepare for labor and care for your baby confidently.


This isn't just another birth class. 
It's everything you need to be ready for birth and baby...
all in one place.


"I don't need to pay for a birth class, the one at the hospital is FREE"


I hear you...I WAS you during my first pregnancy. 


But that free hospital class I took:

  • Was BORING. Sit down, shut up and listen to a nurse read information from her little booklet + watch out-dated VHS tapes⠀

  • Told me in no uncertain terms who was in charge of my birth and my baby (hint: it wasn't me).⠀

  • Wasn't tailored to my specific birthing was one size fits all (and birth is FAR from one size fits all)




  • Prepare me for when birth plans change

  • Offer any information on baby care, early parenting or postpartum recovery/expectations

  • Teach me to use my voice to advocate for myself, use informed consent or even let me know that alternatives exist.


There was no sense of community among the participants, no shared meals, no comfy couches, no talk of prenatal preparation, nothing to be excited about. ⠀


In this class, you'll learn about:


Prenatal Preparation

Pelvic floor health, nutrition, physical fitness and chiropractic care


Your Pregnant, Postpartum & Lactating Body

Body image, food relationships, mental health and navigating hormonal & neurological changes.


The Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother

Fear release, trauma healing, spiritual awakening, maternal archetypes,
Motherhood Showers, and pregnancy adorning


Common Pregnancy and Labor Interventions

Risks & benefits, informed consent, hierarchy of authority in the birth space


Your Birth Values and Priorities

Discovering your birth philosophies and priorities, building your birth plan, choosing your care provider/birth location, communicating with your birth team, hiring your support team


Physiologically Normal Labor (and its variations)

Labor positions and their benefits, indicators of labor progression, emergency management


Labor Coping Techniques

Maternal & infant positioning, labor coping skills, pain management, hypno-relaxation
and protecting the sacred birthing space


Early Postpartum and Parenting

Placenta traditions, postpartum & newborn expectations, postnatal depletion, holistic healing,
attachment theory, returning to intimacy, family boundaries, and changing friendships


Newborn Care & Safety

Newborn procedures, Car seat education and installation, infant/pediatric first aide and CPR, safe sleep, baby-wearing, newborn calming techniques, baby gear & registries no-no's, choosing childcare


Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding, Mother & Baby Friendly facilities, WHO Codes, Pumping and pumping gear,

Legal rights for new mothers, parental leave and returning to work, starting solids, childhood nutrition

Think of me as your birth and baby planner.
(Like a wedding planner but for mamas and babies)

Most people spend months or even years planning their wedding day and next to no real time planning their birth.


...make it worth remembering fondly by investing in the experience and your own education.

I can't promise you a "perfect birth" (if there is such a thing), but you will walk away from this class with the knowledge, wisdom and confidence to make the best decisions for yourself, your partner and your baby (and that's the real secret to having the perfect birth *for you*).

My friend, you will always remember your birthing day.

Wondering if this class is the right fit for you?The answer is yes if:

  • You're in your late first/early second trimester and eager to get started building your "mom village."

  • You just can't get enough of learning about all the things on this motherhood journey (but you're not quite sure if you're reading all the right stuff because it's so overwhelming to sort through everyone's opinions to find the real facts).

  • You have a parenting partner who is ready to learn and be involved as well (This person doesn't have to be an intimate partner, but can be a mother, sibling or friend who is committed to supporting you through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting).

  • This may not be your first pregnancy, but you're dedicated to making this pregnancy, birth and postpartum different (better!) than previous experience.

  • You're a bit of an over-achiever, an avid list-maker/note-taker, appreciate punny mom-jokes and won't judge me if I say "what the hell" too much.

If you're willing and ready to take charge and do the hard work physically, emotionally, and spiritually to prepare for birth and parenting...

I've got a spot in my next class series with your name on it. 


But hurry because when this timer runs out, doors close  and won't open again for another 16 weeks! 

Space is extremely limited!

Each class is carefully structured to include plenty of time for conversation, questions, eating together and building community. Therefore, I fiercely protect the intimate nature of our time together by limiting enrollment to a maximum of 5 couples per semester. 

Because when I have the incredible opportunity and honor to get to know you, I can use our growing relationship to serve you better, more intimately, more holistically, more authentically when you need it the most.

newborn (1).png

Can you imagine looking back on your gestating time years from now and having such fond memories sitting next to your best friend as you both anxiously await the arrival of your little one?

We do all the hard work before class (via holistic, informational online modules) so we have time for the hands-on, demonstrations, games and comfort measures practice in class.

Each class includes hypno-relaxation practice, guided meditation, physical fitness, and sharing a class meal together. 

PLUS intimate pregnancy gatherings add a deeply spiritual element to the course that is missing from so many other classes (because you might be a mother now, but that doesn't mean you have to (or should) sacrifice yourself). You will learn how to balance your inner needs with your outer world (and THAT is a skill you'll use your entire parenting journey).


What's included in the birth & baby prep course?

It's not just about getting the baby have to be a parent the rest of your life.

This 12 week exclusive curriculum that addresses physical, emotional, spiritual and many other holistic facets of the childbearing year so that you can parent from a place of peace and fulfillment.

 Would you believe me if I told you that you already have the tools within you to cope with the intense sensations of childbirth?

It's true. Together we will explore coping tools that you already use to handle pain every day and we will end each class with guided relaxation for pregnancy and postpartum healing.

Did you know you and your baby should be active participants in your labor?

Maybe all the births you've seen on TV have been of moms lying in the hospital bed, but infant and maternal positioning significantly impacts labor progression. You will practice labor and pushing positions that are helpful for making room for baby to navigate the pelvis, positions for various phases of labor and management techniques that can make the difference between emergency transfers, birth plans changing at the last minute, long and unproductive labors and a smooth birthing experience.

Did you know that 77% of car seats are installed and used incorrectly?

Oh yes, the dreaded car seat installation. Your child's most-important life-saving device and's just so overwhelming. Honestly, car seats are tricky even as a trained Child Passenger Safety Technician but by the time you leave this class you will be able to confidently and safely install your specific car seat in your own vehicle. PLUS...level up your early parenting skills with Baby Care 101 including playing, sleeping, soothing, feeding and diapering your new baby.

Don't you wish you could do something about all those annoying pregnancy symptoms?

Yeap, you've got the power to do just that. You'll learn all about prenatal preparation including what to feed your body and how to move it in ways that will alleviate common pregnancy ailments and prepare for the marathon of labor and postpartum recovery. 

What fears and limiting beliefs are holding you back from having your dream birth? 

As labor begins, there can be a whole array of emotions, sensations and physical signs that your body is working to bring baby earth side. Birth is about what is going on emotionally as much as (or more than) what is happening physically. Learn how to spot the various stages of labor and how you and your partner can work and rest together as you move through each phase. 

Don't waste your time Googling beautifully designed birth plans...

The value of your birth plan isn't the piece of paper it's printed one, but the conversations it facilitates with your birthing team before and during labor. The thing is, having the knowledge of your options isn't enough...putting what you know into practice is where the real power lies. That's why it's important to deeply explore your own birthing philosophies and values consider all variations and possibilites, and practivePRACTICEpractice advocating for your needs.

You can't imagine the fear and adrenaline that goes through you when you have to use emergency first aide skills on your own child. 

 Story time: I was just pulling up to my house after picking my 5 year old up from school. A fire truck pulled up behind us and as I was turning around to tell my son to look, the paramedics jumped out and started running to my front door. I felt my stomach plummet. That's when I knew something was wrong with my 1 year old inside...I jumped out of the car and followed them inside to find my mom and baby crying. I immediately joined them in tears as my mom tried to explain through her sobs that my daughter had choked on something and she struggled to help her breathe so she made the call. That wasn't the first (or the last time) my daughter required the Heimlich maneuver. And let me tell you, I am incredibly grateful that my husband and I both possess these basic life-saving skills. 


My hope is that you never truly know what it feels like, but I am passionate about giving you the knowledge you need to save a life if it ever happens to you, too.

But remember...

When this timer runs out, doors close and won't open again for another 16 weeks! 

You don't want to miss this. Whether you are planning a hospital or home birth,  medicated or unmedicated birth, a vaginal birth or cesarean, an induction or natural birth or simply planning a different birthing experience than your last...


childbirth education is for you.


PLUS, check out these course bonuses:
Fresh, nutrient-dense meals served community style with every session
Free consultations from industry experts
BONUS "The Birth of a Mother" course included in your Comprehensive Birth & Baby Prep Course: Holistic matrescence support for the postpartum year, including additional online modules, group mentoring calls and private consultations throughout the year