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This course is designed to take the fear, anxiety and uncertainty out of birth because fear of the unknown creates tension in the body that works against natural processes required to give birth peacefully.

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What's included?

Over 40 hours of professional support with a certified birth and family life educator (that's me!)

10 week comprehensive Birth Boot Camp childbirth education curriculum, including full color workbook and online breastfeeding module

Infant/pediatric first aide and CPR certification for both parents

Financial planning for New Parents workshop

Spinning Babies (TM) Parent Class, taught by Certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator

Fourth Trimester and Child Development workshop

Birthing Day Celebration and class reunion, including birth-day gifts for the whole family

BONUS online coursework and additional learning opportunities

Nutritious meals during each class (and more importantly, the time to eat, laugh and chat building built right into the class)

Class supplies, materials and additional hand-outs and learning aides

Car seat education and installation

Fitness demonstrations from local fitness experts and exclusive enrollment opportunities

Over 2 hours of professional demonstration from local Subject Matter Experts 

Returning student discounts on additional services and membership packages

After eight years working with families and three kids of my own, I have honed in on some of the most pressing questions new parents have during their childbearing years. 


Even if this isn't your first pregnancy, you deserve this.   


I spend over 40 in-person academic hours preparing my clients to have amazing birth experiences in all birthing settings. 


This course is designed:

To provide opportunities for expecting parents to build their community during pregnancy

To be educational, inspirational and empowering

To be a memorable and enjoyable part of their pregnancy experience


Plus, there's good food so it's basically a date night with some pretty hilarious birth demos


(Let's just say, we use a lot of balloons, bananas and birth balls!) 

This isn't just another birth class.


What students are saying...


It's not just about getting the baby out. There is so much more to becoming a new parent that free or one day birth classes neglect to tell you.


Think of this class as your first investment in becoming the best parent you can be.

Learn about:

  • Choosing the right care team and location for your birth priorities

  • Physical, emotional and spiritual prenatal preparation

    • Pelvic floor health​

    • Nutrition

    • Fitness

    • Chiropractic care

    • Fetal and maternal positioning

  • Physiologically normal childbirth and its variations

  • Common interventions and their risks, benefits and alternatives

  • Comfort Measures for labor

  • Building your birth plan and communicating your priorities with your provider

  • Breastfeeding ​and pumping

  • Newborn calming techniques and safe sleep

  • Infant/pediatric first aide and CPR

  • Early postpartum

    • Expectations ​

    • Relationship & intimacy

    • Returning to work

  • Childcare choices

  • Car seat education and installation

  • Baby-wearing

  • Financial planning for new parents

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