This isn't just another birth class.... 

Save money on individual workshops (1).p


All in one place.


All-inclusive course content

I promise, you won't find a birth and baby prep course like this anywhere else.

This course is designed:

  • To provide opportunities for expecting parents to build their community during pregnancy.

  • To be educational, inspirational and empowering.

  • To be a memorable and enjoyable part of the pregnancy experience.

    In this 14 week Comprehensive Birth and Baby Preparation course, you’re going to learn not just the tools you need to give birth with confidence, but walk away with answers to all your questions about postpartum, breastfeeding, newborn care, and early parenting as well.

What do...

birth balls...




& bananas...

have in common?


They're just a few of the tools we use to make the childbirth & beyond course interesting, exciting and fun!

Plus, there is delicious food during each class (and some pretty hilarious demonstrations) so it's like a day-date with your partner.


Can you imagine looking back on your gestating time years from now and having such lovely memories of sitting next to your best friend as you both anxiously await the arrival of your little one? 

Because, you deserve a birth class that has a special place in your pregnancy memories (that doesn't feel like a chore or a bore) AND to have an empowering birth.⠀

I created my Comprehensive Birth & Baby Preparation Course

just for you!


Hey there, I'm Brittany...


After eight years working with families and three kids of my own, I have honed in on some of the most pressing questions new parents have during their childbearing years.


I spend over forty five academic hours preparing students to have amazing birth experiences in all birthing settings.


(That's more time together than you'll spend with your midwife!)



"Man, I wish I would have known that" PLUS

"I wish would have done that differently" PLUS

"I sure could have used an expert in my back pocket back then"


Begin class earlier and spend more time with your classmates than the average birth class.


I was so lonely in the beginning of my pregnancies...I had questions, but I didn't feel welcome in prenatal groups until much later into my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my first...I HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH WORK THERE WAS TO DO....but now I know.


After 4 pregnancies/3 births, breastfeeding for a cumulative 7.5 years (and counting), 8 years working with families as a birth doula > postpartum doula > childbirth educator and a 4 year degree in Family Life Education....You could say I have accumulated a bit of knowledge on what it takes to prepare for not just BIRTH but pregnancy, postpartum, newborn care, and early parenting. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


I believe the sooner you start building your community during pregnancy, the sooner you can start taking steps to keep your pregnancy healthy in preparation for labor and postpartum recovery. 


Learn about:

Prenatal preparation: pelvic floor health, nutrition, fitness, and chiropractic care

Physiologically normal labor progression and its variations

Breastfeeding & pumping, 3.5 hour online breastfeeding module included,  with unlimited content access for up to one year

Common pregnancy and labor interventions, their risks/benefits and Informed Consent practice

Comfort measures, pain management,  Labor coping skills and maternal/infant positioning

Early postpartum: Postpartum expectations, changes in relationships, returning to intimacy

Choosing the right care provider and birthing location for your personal philosophies and priorities, building your birth plan and communicating your wishes to your provider

Car seat education and installation, infant/pediatric first aide and CPR certification, safe sleep, baby-wearing, and newborn calming techniques

Parenthood: returning to work at the end of parental leave and financial planning for new parents.

Are you the perfect fit?


The answer is yes IF...

newborn (1).png

  • You're around 20 weeks gestation

  • You just can't get enough of learning about all the things on this motherhood journey

  • You have a parenting partner who is ready to learn and be involved as well (This person doesn't have to be an intimate partner, but can be a mother, sibling or friend who is committed to supporting you through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting)

  • This may not be your first pregnancy, but you're dedicated to making this pregnancy, birth and postpartum different (better!) than previous experience

  • If you're ready willing and ready to take charge and to do the hard work physically, emotionally and spiritually to prepare for your amazing birth ...



But hurry!

When this timer runs out, doors close  and won't open again for another 16 weeks! 


Space is extremely limited!

Each class is carefully structured to include plenty of time for conversation, questions, eating together and building community. Therefore, I fiercely protect the intimate nature of our time together by limiting enrollment to a maximum of 5 couples per semester. 

Because when I have the incredible opportunity and honor to get to know you, I can use our growing relationship to serve you better, more intimately, more holistically, more authentically when you need it the most.


"I don't need to pay for a birth class, the one at the hospital is FREE"


I hear you...I WAS you during my first pregnancy. 


But that free hospital class I took:

  • Was BORING. Sit down, shut up and listen to a nurse read information from her little booklet + watch out-dated VHS tapes⠀

  • Told me in no uncertain terms who was in charge of my birth and my baby (hint: it wasn't me).⠀

  • Wasn't tailored to my specific birthing was one size fits all (and birth is FAR from one size fits all)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



  • Prepare me for when birth plans change

  • Offer any information on baby care, early parenting or postpartum recovery/expectations

  • Teach me to use my voice to advocate for myself, use informed consent or even let me know that alternatives exist.


There was no sense of community among the participants, no shared meals, no comfy couches, no talk of prenatal preparation, nothing to be excited about. ⠀


You're probably here because...

You're planning a birth experience that is scary, distressing or disempowering.

The truth is, nobody plans to have a traumatic birth, but with no planning at all- trauma sometimes happens.

Most people spend months or even years planning their wedding day and next to no real time planning their birth but, my friend, you will ALWAYS remember your Birthing Day...make it worth remembering fondly by investing in the experience and your own education.

This course is designed to take the fear, anxiety and uncertainty out of birth because fear of the unknown creates tension in the body that works against natural processes required to give birth peacefully.


I can't promise you a "perfect birth" (if there is such a thing), but I can promise that you will gain the knowledge, wisdom and confidence to make the best decisions for yourself, your partner and your baby.

Think of me as your very own Birth & Baby Planner (kinda like a Wedding Planner but for babies!)

Maternity photography in Spokane WA.png

What's included?

Over 40 hours of professional support with a certified birth and family life educator ($2000 value)

10 week comprehensive Birth Boot Camp childbirth education curriculum, including full color workbook and online breastfeeding module ($500 value)

Infant/pediatric first aide and CPR certification for both parents
($132 value)

Financial planning for New Parents workshop ($120 value)

Spinning Babies (TM) Parent Class, taught by Certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator ($125 value)

Fourth Trimester and Child Development workshop

($150 value)

Birthing Day Celebration and class reunion, including birth-day gifts for the whole family
($100 value)

BONUS online coursework and additional learning opportunities
($108 value)

Nutritious meals during each class (and more importantly, the time to eat, laugh and chat together
($300 value)

Class supplies, materials and additional hand-outs and learning aides ($75 value)

Car seat education and installation
($50 value)

Fitness demonstrations from local fitness experts and exclusive enrollment opportunities

($48 value)

Over 10 hours of professional demonstration from local Subject Matter Experts ($98 value)

Returning student discounts on additional services and membership packages
($1000 value)

Save over $3300 with package pricing

Most one day workshops average approximately $150 per 3 hour session. But this 14 week series + reunion has all the information you need, all in one place for less than $99 per session... and that saves you money and eliminates the need to piece together a bunch of workshops to ensure you're ready for Baby.


See what previous students are saying...

Alicia M. says...

We took Brittany's class for baby number 3. Brittany is so knowledgeable in so many areas. My husband especially loved some of the tips and tricks she shared with him to support me in labor, she was able to help us with car seat questions, evidence based infant sleep information, and the meals during each class and guest speakers were also a huge bonus! Thank you Brittany!


John C. says...

"I learned things in this class that I didn’t know I didn’t know! Could not imagine the birth process without having taking Brittany’s class. She presented oodles of knowledge in all things birth, clear and concise and fun. I really appreciated the vastness of the class, covering pregnancy, labor, post birth and everything in between. Not only was Brittany great, but the camaraderie with classmates made the whole experience even better. 10/10 would recommend!"

Candice G. says...

"This class was amazing and very detailed! It thought us so much and was flexible to adjust the class to our needs. This was a open, judgement free zone where there is no right or wrong way. I would recommend Brittany’s class to any expecting parents!"




When this timer runs out, doors close  and won't open again for another 16 weeks! 


You don't want to miss this. Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth, a VBAC or repeat cesarean, an induction or natural birth or simply planning a different birthing experience than your last...

Childbirth education is for you.

Comprehensive Birth & Baby Preparation Course