You're probably here because you are planning a birth experience that is




I spend over 25 in-person learning hours preparing my clients to have amazing birth experiences in all birthing settings. The truth is even cesarean births can be gentle and empowering. You've got questions about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn care...I've got answers!

Birth Boot Camp's 10 week comprehensive childbirth education curriculum is designed to take the fear, anxiety and uncertainty out of birth. Fear of the unknown creates tension in the body that works against natural processes required to give birth peacefully.

NOW ENROLLING FOR FALL (Starts Aug 23rd) SPACE IS LIMITED- recommended for first time parents, VBACs or those planning vastly different experiences than prior births

Hey there! My name is Brittany and I help Spokane moms savor the sweetness of motherhood by replacing "bounce back" with reverent rest, purposeful presence, real community connection and luxurious self-care for the mind, body and soul during pregnancy and postpartum transitions. 

BLOG: Why I believe "bounce back" mentality is harmful to new mothers and how I am working to change the culture of postpartum.

REVERENT REST: Give yourself or a special mother in your life the gift of intentional healing and closing after the birthing experience. 

Luxurious mother-honoring services that take postpartum from "bounce back" to beautiful, intentional, slow and sacred. Services include:


  • Abdominal press with a proprietary restorative oil blend, warming herbal mask and binding with 21 day rental


  • Vaginal steam ceremony with robe rental and custom herbal blend


  • Floral rebirth (including newborn) or foot bath ceremony, utilizing an emotionally uplifting floral and milk bath and lace gown rental


  • Closing ceremony for emotional grounding and centering, including personalized prayer/blessing

PURPOSEFUL PRESENCE: An intimate and mother-centered celebration, a pregnancy honoring ceremony connects the mother-to-be with the ancestral wisdom of all who have come before and all who will traverse the motherhood path after her. Package includes customized ceremony planning, floral crown, foot bath, belly decoration for guest of honor and simple refreshments for up to eight guests. 

REAL COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Quick guidance on topics such pregnancy, postpartum & parenting

Don't miss this *PARTNER FAVORITE* Comfort Measures for Labor Workshop- hands-on tools to help you and your partner navigate labor, including relaxation, visualization and communication skills for the big day. (For professional collaborations- chiropractors, prenatal fitness instructors, physical therapists, etc) DM me for details on hosting this event)

You aren't the only one expecting a new family member...PREPARING BIG SIBLINGS FOR BIRTH is one of my favorite classes to teach! On-site childcare available for most Infinity Family Services events and classes with pre-registration*

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