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Informational online modules that explore the concept of becoming a mother- from conception through early parenting- using a whole-person, evidence-based and deeply personal, individualized approach. PLUS, bonus content from industry experts.

Holistic online content modules


In-person partner workshops with content review, hands-on labor practice and other practical tools for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby care, and early parenting.

Motherhood coaching calls

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Intimate gatherings for birthing people to explore emotional, mental and spiritual preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenting through art, meditation, journaling and story-telling.

Private consultations with select mentors

This course explores the transformational awakening known as matrescence- the physical, mental, spiritual hormonal and social changes the occur each time one becomes a mother.

Let me ask you this and you have to promise to answer honestly...


Grin and bear it

Wing it

"Bounce back" ASAP

Only cry in the shower

Mindlessly scroll social media (and end up feeling more lonely)

Act like you have superpowers > legitimate needs

Avoid all the feels⠀

Let me stop you right there.


What if I told you there was a better way?

Because we can change the landscape of early motherhood by walking this journey together and supporting each other along the way.

"The Birth of a Mother" course is the answer.


What if...

instead of looking back at who we used to be, we deeply honored pregnancy & early postpartum and it's incredible raw beauty?

What if we prepared for our own birth, postpartum and mothering experiences as much as (or more than) the baby's?


What if we expected and demanded time for ourselves, to engage in ESSENTIAL healing and restful mama self-care?


What if we allowed motherhood to be something beautiful & fulfilling instead of allowing it to make us feel inadequate?


In this 12 month Holistic Matrescence Support Program you’re going to learn not just the tools you need to give birth with confidence, but walk away with answers to all your questions about postpartum, breastfeeding, newborn care, and early parenting as well.

In this course, you'll learn about:


Prenatal Preparation

Pelvic floor health, nutrition, physical fitness and chiropractic care


Your Pregnant, Postpartum & Lactating Body

Body image, food relationships, mental health and navigating hormonal & neurological changes.


The Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother

Fear release, trauma healing, spiritual awakening, maternal archetypes,
Motherhood Showers, and pregnancy adorning


Common Pregnancy and Labor Interventions

Risks & benefits, informed consent, hierarchy of authority in the birth space


Your Birth Values and Priorities

Discovering your birth philosophies and priorities, building your birth plan, choosing your care provider/birth location, communicating with your birth team, hiring your support team


Physiologically Normal Labor (and its variations)

Labor positions and their benefits, indicators of labor progression, emergency management


Labor Coping Techniques

Maternal & infant positioning, labor coping skills, pain management, hypno-relaxation
and protecting the sacred birthing space


Early Postpartum and Parenting

Placenta traditions, postpartum & newborn expectations, postnatal depletion, holistic healing,
attachment theory, returning to intimacy, family boundaries, and changing friendships


Newborn Care & Safety

Newborn procedures, Car seat education and installation, infant/pediatric first aide and CPR, safe sleep, baby-wearing, newborn calming techniques, baby gear & registries no-no's, choosing childcare


Infant Feeding

Breastfeeding, Mother & Baby Friendly facilities, WHO Codes, Pumping and pumping gear,

Legal rights for new mothers, parental leave and returning to work, starting solids, childhood nutrition

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Think of me as your birth and baby planner.
(Like a wedding planner but for mamas and babies)

Most people spend months or even years planning their wedding day and next to no real time planning their birth.


...make it worth remembering fondly by investing in the experience and your own education.

I can't promise you a "perfect birth" (if there is such a thing), but you will walk away from this class with the knowledge, wisdom and confidence to make the best decisions for yourself, your partner and your baby (and that's the real secret to having the perfect birth *for you*).

My friend, you will always remember your birthing day.

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The truth is...

your postpartum experience doesn't have to be gross, shameful, isolating or lonely. 
 And motherhood doesn't have to be lonely. It ALL can be beautiful and empowering.