what's your postpartum plan?

Grin and bear it

Wing it

"Bounce back" ASAP

Only cry in the shower

Mindlessly scroll social media (and end up feeling more lonely)

Act like you have superpowers > legitimate needs

Avoid all the feels⠀

Let me stop you right there.


While caring for yourself postpartum may seem frivolous now that you have a tiny human who is depending on your for evvvveeerrythiing, the truth is self-care in motherhood is essential to the mind, body and soul...


The truth is

your postpartum experience doesn't have to be gross, shameful, isolating or lonely. 
It can be beautiful and empowering.


what if...

instead of looking back, we deeply honored pregnancy & early postpartum and it's incredible raw beauty?

...we prepared for our own birth & postpartum experiences as much as (or more than) the baby's?


...we expected and demanded time for ourselves, to engage in ESSENTIAL healing and restful mama self-care?

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...we allowed motherhood to be something beautiful & fulfilling
instead of allowing it to make us feel inadequate?

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My background is in Family Life Education...

and that means I'm not just going to teach you how to get the baby out and how to care for them but more importantly how to care for yourself!


Because infant mental health IS maternal mental health:

  • If mom is not okay, neither is baby. ⠀

  • Moms who take care of themselves have more to give back to their families.

  • Families that ensure everyone's needs are being met consistently and adequately are healthier and happier overall.

In some cultures, postpartum is a time of relaxation, healing, stillness. People surround the new mother to keep her warm, fed, hydrated and in good spirits. The housework gets done, the older children are cared for, special food is made with love while Mama gets to know the new little soul she worked so hard to grow and bring earthside.

In the U.S., we sadly do not have an "American" way of swooping in to care for new moms.

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That's where I come in...

My name is Brittany....and I help moms in the Spokane/Coeur D'Alene area savor the sweetness of early motherhood by cultivating reverent rest,  purposeful presence, community connection and essential mama self-care during pregnancy & postpartum transitions.

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If you're ready to:

  • Kick the mom guilt to the curb

  • Find your motherhood voice and the courage to use it

  • Experience essential, consistent self-care as you traverse the early days, months and years of your motherhood journey

  • Be a strong, capable, confident mother who is a part of that "mom village" everyone keeps talking about

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How do I schedule my appointment?

Schedule your appointment here.

What is included in each treatment?

Each treatment includes (as applicable):
-Complimentary initial consultation and needs analysis and Custom selected herbal products during your treatment
-Comprehensive treatment guide for home reference (as applicable) -Lending wardrobe, to include lace gowns and elegant robes to fit a wide variety of sizes and styles -The opportunity for physical, emotional and spiritual closure following your birth experience or other reproductive event (no matter how long it has been) -Birth story space-holding and processing in a safe environment -A luxurious spa-style clinical experience -Returning client discounts on future treatments

For Pregnancy

How do I enroll in childbirth classes?

Enroll in the next Comprehensive Birth & Baby Prep Course here or schedule a FREE consultation to learn more.

What is a pregnancy honoring ceremony?

Also known as a mother shower or mother blessing

For Postpartum

Abdominal Treatment

Abdominal clay and herbal mask and warming abdominal oil is applied, followed by bengkung belly binding instruction and application. Perfect for: anyone experiencing back pain, core weakness, sore hips, or general discomfort following a birth experience or other reproductive event.

Floral Bathing

Fresh floral, milk & honey bath with newborn to "rewrite" the birth story, bring baby to chest, "golden hour" Upgrades may include: Professional midwife to perform "newborn exam" and photo-journalistic story-telling Perfect for: postpartum healing from loss, traumatic birth or change in birth plans in which mother and baby would benefit from a "do-over."

Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steam Treatments

Also known as peri-steam hydro-therapy or yoni steaming. Session includes steaming, abdominal oil product demonstration and application, and recommendations for at-home treatment follow-up.
Perfect for: treating moon cycle/fertility concerns such as vaginal dryness, excessive moisture, etc.


Packages available in increments of 4, 9, 12, 15, 18 treatments and may be recommended by your practitioner based on your individual needs and goals.

Lauren N. says...

"Brittany is second to none. Her ceremonies are amazing, her services are top notch. I cannot say enough good things about this woman."

Postpartum abdominal treatment for Spoka

""Brittany is such a blessing on any and all lives she touches!""

full coverage abdominal binding for post

""Brittany has a gift for honoring and supporting families and has been an integral part of two of my pregnancies/births"