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Essential mama self-care for the mind, body and soul during pregnancy and postpartum transitions

Menu of Services:

Abdominal Treatment

1 hour appointment

$325 in-home

$289 in clinic

This service works the abdominals in support of healing with oil , clay and herbal mask, oil application and press and bindng instruction, education and rentla. There's a lot more to say about this and you should definitely describe it more. Pain points, benefits compared to competitors

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Postpartum Sealing Treatment

1 hour appointment

$325 in-home

$289 in clinic

This treatment is a method of energetically "sealing" the birthing experience, miscarriage, stillborn or similar loss, no matter how long ago it may have been. The physical, intentional wrapping of the body in conjunction with personalized prayer or blessings gives a punctuation to the end of an experience which may leave one feeling raw and vulnerable. 

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Peri-steam Hydrotherapy

1 hour appointment

$325 in-home

$289 in clinic

Also known as vaginal or yoni steaming, this treatment includes: one individual treatment appointment. Service includes: herbal consultation before treatment, steaming robe use, 10-20 minute steaming (depending on experience and target) with massage back steaming chair, Himalayan salt foot massage stool, warming tea and spa water, customize abdominal oil blend, and choice of oil diffusing blend. For on-going services, purchase your package separately below and use these links to book. 

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Pregnancy Honoring Ceremony

Standard: 4 hours,


Deluxe 5 hours, $1700

Only available in client's home or other chosen location (venue fees not included in pricing). Standard ceremony includes: Light refreshments, floral crown for guest of honor, customized activities,. Deluxe ceremony includes: painting or henna designs for belly and small hand/foot designs for up to 8 guests, gown rental and professional photographic storytelling (12 image gallery included),. Upgrade surcharge goes directly to subcontractors' compensation.

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Rebirth Floral Bath

1 hour appointment

(in-home only)

Standard: $360

Deluxe: $600

Only available as an in-home service. Includes  initial consultation, "newborn exam" (for professional newborn exam, invite your midwife to attend), birth story space-holding (if desired) and guided "rebirth." Standard ceremony includes: fresh and/or dried flowers, milk/honey bath, herbal sitz and warming tea. Deluxe upgrades include: professional photographic storytelling (12 image gallery included), gown rental and warming meal. Upgrade surcharge goes directly to subcontractors' compensation.

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Peri-steam Hydrotherapy Packages

Available in-clinic only, 1 hour appointments

20% deposit, equal monthly payments

Includes indicated number of clinical treatments as well as instructions and treatment plan for in-home self-directed treatments between clinic days with custom herbal blend.

Seasonal Maintenance Plan (4)- $925

Targeted Treatment Plan (9)- $2080

Monthly Maintenance Plan (12)- $2775

Fertility Treatment Plan (15)- $3468

Postpartum Treatment Plan (18)- $4165

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Postpartum Packages


2 services $625

3 services $950

4 services $1200

Deluxe $1700


2 services $520

3 services $780

Please indicate your chosen services and location during booking.

Upgrades for deluxe package includes 30 minute professional massage, professional photographic storytelling (12 image gallery included), 4 hours of postpartum doula care, and warming meal. Pregnancy honoring ceremony not available with this package pricing. Check membership options for all-inclusive packages. Home: $625, $950, $1200, $1700, Clinic: $614, $939, upgrade surcharge goes directly to subcontractors' compensation

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