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They say motherhood doesn't come with a manual...

I might be a little biased, but I think these classes are the next best thing!

Birth & New
Parent Course

Over 40 academic hours of comprehensive childbirth education designed to take the fear, anxiety and uncertainty out of birth, early postpartum and newborn care. Meets weekly for 3 hours. Includes comprehensive birth education workbook, online modules and bonus content,  car seat education and installation, and infant/pediatric CPR certification for both parents.

WonderWood Natural Learning Academy

This Reggio Emilia inspired learning pod meets weekly for 3.75 hours and features open-ended provocations, collaborative art, outdoor free play, nature study and experiential learning opportunities for children ages 4-10 years old. Space is limited and enrollment is for six month duration at a time.

Big Sibling
Preparation Academy

Join us as we chat about the big changes coming to your family...from the perspective of older siblings. 

This course is open to all children but specifically targeted for early childhood. We will read stories, do activities to help prepare for the new baby and discuss changes occurring with both mother and baby as they grow. 


A la carte Menu of Services

Essential motherhood self-care for the mind, body and soul during pregnancy and postpartum transitions. 

Customized treatments in the privacy of your own home.


15 minute free consultation

I can't wait to get to know you and learn about your motherhood story. Use this appointment for quick advising on motherhood subjects such as pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and early parenting.

1 on 1 motherhood mentoring chat

Motherhood mentoring: the perfect time to ask your questions about developmental milestones, celebrate mom-successes and reach out for support if you are struggling. ($120)

Pregnancy Mother Shower

A mother-centered celebration which includes customized ceremony planning, floral crown, foot bath, activities and refreshments for mother-to-be and up to eight guests. ($1200)

Pregnancy Mother Shower upgrade

Pregnancy mother shower, with upgrades including: professional photography, gown rental, and henna designs for gestating belly and up to 8 guest hand/foot designs. ($1700)

Vaginal Steaming Treatment

Ceremony includes robe rental and custom herbal blend 
($325 for one hour treatment)

Postpartum Abdominal Treatment

Application of warming oil using hot stones, herbal abdominal mask and abdominal binding instruction + binder rental

($325 for one hour treatment)

Floral rebirth bathing ceremony

Floral rebirth ceremony (including newborn) or foot bath ceremony, utilizing an emotionally uplifting floral & coconut milk bath (Lace gown rental available upon request)​ ($325 for one hour treatment)

Postpartum closing ceremony

This treatment offers physical and emotion closure to the end of the birthing experience by warming and wrapping the new mother, including a custom blessing or prayer upon request
($325 for one hour treatment)

Mini Postpartum Package

Package includes choice of two postpartum treatments listed above. Please specify which treatments you would like in your registration form.
($625 for two hour treatment)

Basic Postpartum Package

Package includes choice of three postpartum treatments listed above. Please specify which treatments you would like in your registration form.
($950 for three hour treatment)

Standard Postpartum Package 

Standard postpartum package includes all four postpartum treatments with proprietary herbal products, warming meal and restorative tea following the ceremony ($1200 for four hour treatment)

Postpartum Package upgrade

Standard postpartum package including all four postpartum treatments, with upgrades including: gown rental, photographic storytelling, postpartum doula care during your treatment, warming meal and 30 minute professional massage
($1700 for five hour treatment with upgrade from other local professionals)

Reverent Rest

Reminding new parents to plan for rest and rejuvenation

Purposeful Presence

Making the time to fill their own cup allows parents to be fully present with their children

Essential self-care

Creating the space for physical, emotional and spiritual healing offers closure to and honors the birthing experience 

Community connection

Your mom-village is waiting to welcome you with open arms! 

Full spectrum support

Mama mentor membership that walks alongside you from early gestation through The Fourth Trimester and beyond

Private consultations

Expert consulting from a birth and family life educator and child development professional

Monthly Clinic Days 

Clinic days located throughout the Spokane and Coeur D'Alene area once per month in each office listed below. Priority scheduling for annual members at discount rates and no additional travel fees. 

Choose your location to schedule your treatment now:

South Hill
Spokane, WA
Spokane, WA
Post Falls, Idaho
Hayden, Idaho
What students are saying...

Alicia M. says...

"Brittany is so knowledgeable in so many areas. My husband especially loved some of the tips and tricks she shared with him to support me in labor, she was able to help us with car seat questions, evidence based infant sleep information, and the meals during each class and guest speakers were also a huge bonus! Thank you Brittany!"

Exclusive MEMBERS ONLY scheduling

Motherhood mentoring through the childbearing year, specializing in bringing intentional beauty to pregnancy and postpartum transitions

Because when I have the incredible opportunity and honor to walk with you on your motherhood journey from the very beginning, I can use our growing relationship to serve you better, more intimately, more holistically, more authentically when you need it the most

Why membership?

Real community connection

Literature and toy lending library access

Mentoring from a family and child development professional

Exclusive BONUS downloads

Discounts on a la carte services and upgrades

No travel fees

What's your favorite coffee house in Spokane, WA?

I'd love to meet your there and chat about how I can best support your family!

If we were chatting right now with a local roast in hand, I would ask you:

  • What are your dreams and goals for your family?

  • What is weighing on your heart during this season of your pregnancy or parenting journey?

  • What is your support network doing to love you well?

Get in touch! 

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