I don't need childbirth education, I already read a book all about it.

Updated: Jan 10


My questions to you:

What kinds of books are you reading? There are so many wonderful books about physiologically normal pregnancy and birth (I recommend Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper to get you started) but there are also so many memoirs and personal experiences published on shelves/blogs that present themselves as birth experts but continue to perpetuate myths and untruths. In class, we will unpack the history of birth and it's variations of normal to help ease your mind.

What kinds of births are you watching? Media is notorious for portraying birth as something scary, embarrassing, a medical emergency or worse- all of the above. In this course, we discuss how the way we view birth molds our perception and affects the body and we work through the good, the bad and the ugly in a safe, non-judgmental learning space.

Are you protecting your "birth bubble" with what you read, watch and even listen to (from perhaps, well meaning parents who have come before you)? You have the right to feel excited about your labor, your birth goals and your birth team. Don't let anyone take that confidence away from you. If you don't feel excited, prepared, confident- well, that's why you need childbirth education.

Sure, you can research all our class topics yourself, there they are...all listed out for you. You can spend hours pouring over peer-reviewed research, looking up statistics...but we have already done that for you.

In my Child Development degree program we learned that it takes 400 repetitions for a child to learn a concept, unless it's done through play and then it only takes 3! Can you believe that?? I believe it applies to adults, too. We all want to learn in fun ways.

In our classes, we don't do a lot of just talking/reading. WE HAVE FUN with demos, activities, videos, and hands-on practice. You just can't get that from reading a book.

Does your book/video/research come with other couples with similar expected due dates? A group you can connect with, count on, that village you'll need when you set out on your parenting journey?

This class has that, not to mention delicious food to gather around as you get to know one another. PLUS, a highly qualified instructor who can help you navigate the emotions, what ifs and possible anxiety all that information might bring up. Join us now.

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