Nine months is such a long time to gestate.

There you are, just going about your daily life with this tiny human growing inside of you.

You go to work, school, the grocery store, the bathroom (again).

Never alone, wondering what this little soul will bring to your life, how they will burst your heart wide open, how they will change everything. Fleeting daydreams as you drive down the road, absent-minded belly rubs, giggles (or winces) as they kick.

But the day goes on...

Do you ever sit quietly and envision what they will look like?

Do you ever fill your lungs slowly, draw your breath out and imagine your baby is doing the same?

Do you ever send warmth, prayer or light to your womb? Imagining all your love going straight to your baby's heart, an electric comforting spiritual embrace that they will recognize all their lives?

Oooorr maybe all that is just a little too birth-hippy-woo for don't really recognize this person growing inside of you.

The two of you are still trying to figure each other out.

There are times you feel excited and other times you worry:

-Will I be a good parent? -Will I know what you want or need when you cry? -Will you still love me when I make mistakes?

Childbirth education is about more than labor.

We talk about fears and hard questions, we take the time to slow down and intentionally connect with our babies and partners or support persons.

Our relaxation scripts are wonderful for bringing your attention to your baby and just taking the time to feel connected.

Give yourself the gift of slowing down during your pregnancy, knowledge during your birth and postpartum and confidence on your parenting journey.

14 week series meets weekly for 3 hours per session, including nutritious meals and fitness demos. This isn't an ordinary birth class, it's a *pregnancy experience*

Space is limited and fill quickly. Register at:

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What's your favorite coffee house in Spokane, WA?

I'd love to meet your there and chat about how I can best support your family!

If we were chatting right now with a local roast in hand, I would ask you:

  • What are your dreams and goals for your family?

  • What is weighing on your heart during this season of your pregnancy or parenting journey?

  • What is your support network doing to love you well?

Get in touch! 

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