Comprehensive Birth & Baby Prep Course

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN YOUR ENROLLMENT? Every enrollment includes the birthing person and their support person (partner, friend, mom, cousin, sister, parenting partner, co-parent, etc.)

-Over 40 hours of professional support with a certified birth and family life educator ($2000 value) -10 week comprehensive Birth Boot Camp childbirth education curriculum, including full color workbook and online breastfeeding module ($500 value) -Infant/pediatric first aide and CPR certification for both participants ($132 value) -Fourth Trimester and Child Development workshop ($150 value) -Spinning Babies Parent Class ($125 value) -Financial planning for New Parents workshop ($120 value) -Birthing Day Celebration and class reunion, including birth-day gifts for the whole family ($100 value) -BONUS online coursework and additional learning opportunities ($108 value) -Nutritious meals during each class (and more importantly, the time to eat, laugh and chat building built right into the class) ($300 value) -Class supplies, materials and additional hand-outs and learning aides ($75 value) -Car seat education and installation ($50 value) -Fitness demonstrations from local fitness experts and exclusive enrollment opportunities ($48 value) -Over 2 hours of professional demonstration from local Subject Matter Experts ($98 value) -Returning student discounts on additional services and membership packages ($1000 value)

SAVE OVER $3300 WITH PACKAGE PRICING. Most one day workshops average approximately $150 per 3 hour session. But this 14 week series + reunion has all the information you need, all in one place for less than $99 per session... and that saves you money and eliminates the need to piece together a bunch of workshops to ensure you're ready for Baby. Where else can you get real in-person consultations with industry experts to help walk you through your pregnancy journey?

In this series, you will have access to: -A Webster certified (pregnancy/pediatric) chiropractor -A pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in women's health and obstetrics -A child passenger safety technician (car seat tech) -A baby-wearing educator -A doula -A lactation counselor -A first aide/CPR instructor -A certified Spinning Babies (TM) Parent Educator -A certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator with a B.S. in Family Life Education, Child Development (your very own instructor Brittany Fitzgerald)

PLUS, hear from fitness experts and pregnancy/birth advocates via video and bonus online content.

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