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9:30 am – 2:15 pm


Described as "an internal facial," steaming can be used to support the health of reproductive organs during menarche, menstruation, matrescence and menopause.  Treatment plan and steaming products are customized based on a comprehensive intake questionnaire and needs assessment. Package and membership pricing available.


This treatment begins with a customized herbal consultation during which medicinal herbs, cosmetic clays and exfoliating salts are mixed on-site with an exclusively formulated herbal oil, used to demonstrate self-massage technique, and followed by a hot towel and dry brush treatment. The binding portion of the appointment begins with an alignment assessment, followed by binding demonstration/application and functional movement instruction. Binder rental included in base price. 

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This treatment is a method of energetically "sealing" the birthing experience, miscarriage, stillborn or similar loss or to honor the end of reproductive years such as menopause or hysterectomy, no matter how long ago it may have been. The physical, intentional wrapping of the body in conjunction with personalized prayer or blessings gives a punctuation to the end of an experience which may leave one feeling raw and vulnerable.