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...that answer those questions.

You're probably not the only one wondering if that thing you noticed is "normal," so if I hear multiple mamas asking the same questions, there's a good chance I will turn the answers into a pretty lil' download for your convenience.


Want to be the first to grab these juicy downloads as soon as they arrive?

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Did you hear about it from me?

Amazon affiliate link + everything I recommend in birth class, all in one pretty little list (or shopping cart? Ahem) Easy. Peasy. Done and done.

Seriously everything in my wardrobe that I love/wear regularly is from StitchFix. And honestly at this point, anything that keeps me from having to go shopping with 3 kids while my husband is deployed has my vote.

Looking for a client management system to automate your business workflows? HoneyBook has it easy, even Brittany can do it. 

Live launches, automated events, and webinars, OH MY! If you have attended my virtual meetings, you know I use and love Demio. Easy to use, clean platform, and no glitchy zoom calls. That makes it all #worthit.

MOO is the perfect printing platform for someone who struggles to nail down a design (can you say 50 different back designs for no extra charge?!) Plus, you can't go wrong with all the pretty, shiny, touchy design options.

If you've worked with me as a client or colleague, you have probably seen the legal contracts I use from with Brittany Ratelle. She's a lawyer, but like...a cool lawyer. And the products are so easy to use.

I still think in-person birth classes are the very best way to prepare for your birth, but sometimes it's just not feasible. Birth Boot Camp has online modules that are professionally filmed and edited with closed captioning you can work through at your own pace using my instructor link.

Vooks (virtual books, get it? You know I love puns!) are my mom secret weapon. It's screentime so the kids are happy, but it's actually animated retellings of some really good stories and highlights the words as they are narrated. 

Do you do pay your children an allowance? How are you working to teach financial resposibility in your family? We use Greenlight debit cards and really love the ability to pay our kids straight from our own account, round up on purchases, control where funds can be spent and even add a parent paid interest rate to savings.

Affiliate Links

So glad you found the cool new thing that you LOVE. If you heard about it from me, will you do me a solid and use my affiliate link to sign up? I'm not shilling for big corporations...


I'm just a mom, standing in front of another mom asking her to share the love.


My teeny portion of these links goes straight into my family's income and the local community via scholarships and donations. Thanks for supporting my oldest son's therapies, my daughter's dance lessons, my youngest son's new wardrobe (because he grows so dang fast I can't keep up) and more importantly, thank you for supporting an independently-owned Spokane Small Business.


You're the bees knees!

What's your favorite coffee house in Spokane, WA?

I'd love to meet your there and chat about how I can best support your family!

If we were chatting right now with a local roast in hand, I would ask you:

  • What are your dreams and goals for your family?

  • What is weighing on your heart during this season of your pregnancy or parenting journey?

  • What is your support network doing to love you well?

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