INTERNSHIP AVAILABLE (Last updated 8/19/2020)

Infinity Family Services is seeking Primary Classroom Instructors for our "Preparing Big Siblings for Baby" curriculum and on-site childcare program in Spokane, WA.
Successful candidates will be passionate, reflective, collaborative, innovative and dedicated to providing children with a quality play-based learning environment.
Our mixed age classroom caters to a wide variety of ages and family circumstances but generally focuses on the big emotions, questions and concerns children may have about expecting a new sibling/family member. This means our Classroom Instructors must be comfortable with having developmentally appropriate conversations with a range of ages regarding anatomically correct body parts, relaying a basic understanding of gestation, birth and lactation as well as demonstrating simple infant care techniques and principles in an age-appropriate way.
While no set of limited job functions exists, instructors will be tasked with providing high quality care and education through positive, clear interactions while teaching from a set "Preparing Big Siblings for Baby" curriculum over a series of weeks, which may include reading aloud during a short group time, small group or individual projects, dramatic play, songs/rhymes, music, games and role play.


You are charged with caring for a mixed-age group of children (8 yo with developmental delays, 4 yo and 1 yo who is independently mobile) for approximately 3 hours in an intimate classroom setting.

Submit a comprehensive supply list and a 3 hr lesson plan. You may choose to work indoors or outdoors.

-Assume the children have appropriate weather gear for all conditions
-Aside from a small play kitchen, reading corner, and child height table, the classroom will only be furnished with materials from your supply list, including snacks (no budget, use your imagination)
-Think about how you will tenderly care for the young toddler while you are actively engaging with the older children
-The sample lesson plan does not need to be related to the "Preparing Siblings for Baby" curriculum listed in the job description

Think this part-time evening/weekend PAID internship sounds perfect for you or a college student you know?

Send your, resume, cover letter and sample lesson plan to brittany at (no spaces)

What's your favorite coffee house in Spokane, WA?

I'd love to meet your there and chat about how I can best support your family!

If we were chatting right now with a local roast in hand, I would ask you:

  • What are your dreams and goals for your family?

  • What is weighing on your heart during this season of your pregnancy or parenting journey?

  • What is your support network doing to love you well?

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