does this sound like your day?

How to prepare an older sibling for a ne

#momlife, am I right?

Wake up before the sun comes up

Snuggle the littles and hope they go back to sleep.

No such luck. Roll out of bed (and leave it unmade) and splash some cold water on your face. (That's basically like a shower, right?)

Make breakfast, wash dishes, make lunch, wash dishes, make dinner, wash dishes.

Wait where did the day go? 

Girl, same.

My name is Brittany....and I'm on a mission to replace

with reverent rest, purposeful presence and essential mama self-care for the mind, body and soul during pregnancy and postpartum transitions.⠀⠀

"bounce back" 

Take my hand, friend,

 because sitting with mothers in their vulnerability is my favorite place to be.⠀

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Mom-ing ain't easy...

but it doesn't have to be lonely.

my favs:

Iced coffee

Jumping in puddles

Making lists

Audio books

not favs:


Not getting enough sleep.


Doing dishes.


You see, as a military spouse and homeschooling mama of three, I have had my fair share of lonely nights, days that felt like they would never end, tears and mom guilt. But I am also a Gatherer of Information, A Researcher, and an Enneagram 8 (which means I laugh in the face of "can't.")


So I set myself to work training, working, learning, researching, pivoting, and reformulating what it means to serve my family and yours from a heart-centered place of peace. Passionate about my calling, I hold many titles and certifications that allow me to breath life into families in my community, but the title I hold most dear is MAMA.

Enough about me. 

Tell me about yourself...


I would love to hear more about you, your pregnancy and your growing family:

  • What are you loving and hating about pregnancy/parenting right now?

  • Are you you struggling with anything in particular?

  • What is your support network doing to love you well?



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