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If you can't get enough of researching all things birth & baby (but feel a bit overwhelmed)...

You can have an amazing birth and be an amazing parent. This course will show you how...

If you're planning a postpartum experience that is better and more satisfying than your last...

Schedule essential postpartum care services here. Because moms who take care of themselves, have more to give back to their families.

If you're tired of doing motherhood alone and "figuring it all out on your own" ...

Motherhood isn't meant to be done alone. Let's do this thing together! Join the "mom club" now!

If you're craving more

intentional rest and purposeful presence

with your family...

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If you're ready to:

  • Kick the mom guilt to the curb

  • Find your motherhood voice and the courage to use it

  • Experience essential, consistent self-care as you traverse the early days, months and years of your motherhood journey

  • Be a strong, capable, confident mother who is a part of that "mom village" everyone keeps talking about

My name is Brittany....and I'm on a mission to replace "bounce back" with reverent rest, purposeful presence and essential mama self-care for the mind, body and soul during pregnancy and postpartum transitions.⠀⠀

Take my hand, friend,

 because sitting with mothers in their vulnerability is my favorite place to be.⠀

Lauren N. says...

"Brittany is second to none. Her ceremonies are amazing, her services are top notch. I cannot say enough good things about this woman."

Postpartum abdominal press with warming

"Brittany is such a blessing on any and all lives she touches!""

Warming oil application for postpartum a

""Brittany has a gift for honoring and supporting families and has been an integral part of two of my pregnancies/births"

Tracy K. says...

Kait  B. says...




I'd be honored to be your guide.

Motherhood is a journey.

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